DO Toro.

Our wines are products that respect the environment and generate a positive impact on the environment, the workers, the local people and the consumers. They are wines with personality, unique and are a faithful reflection of the terroir that has created them, of the rigorous work in the vineyard, of a land with a millenary wine tradition, of very old soils, of autochthonous varieties and of a demanding viticulture, Accurate and respectful.

4Mil Cepas

About 4MC

4Mil Cepas is a project of eleven friends that started in year 2008, with the purchase of a plot of vineyard and with the only objective of elaborating a great wine of Toro.


Respect for nature

Cuatro Mil Cepas


Calle Rafael Alonso 21
El Pego, Zamora


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+34 670 095 149

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