4Mil Cepas is a small organic/sustainable winery. Blending our wines under the DO Toro, with the premise of making fun wines, with personality, with all the flavor and the tradition of locals. Passionate about our land, the deep and rough Castilla, which allows us to get the best berries.

Our secret: Tinta de Toro grapes, manual harvesting in boxes and exquisite care in field and cellar.

Our philosophy and idea reveal great respect for nature, deep consideration and admiration for our people and respect for future generations.

We are committed to produce wines that reflect the maximum expression and the purest manifestation of the local terroir.

Since 2015 we produce organic wines, although the management carried out in the field is more demanding than the regulation required in the ecological viticulture, because by our own conviction we do not seek to obtain high yields, just what each year the vineyard can offer us.

Thanks to the passion and the way of doing things, our vineyards produce wines with character and personality, always looking for the maximum expression of the terroir.

4Mil Cepas

We make fun wines, with personality, with a taste of the people.

Passionate of our land, La Castilla deep and hard, which allows us to get the best fruit.

Cuatro Mil Cepas


Calle Rafael Alonso 21
El Pego, Zamora


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+34 670 095 149

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