Our secret

We have six vineyard plots in the DO Toro, with an area of 12.5 ha of vineyard of the Tinta de Toro variety, between 40 and 95 years.

We use only ecological standards and organic methods to cultivate vineyards and produce wine.

Our vineyards are protected against pests and diseases with elements from the nature, adhering to the utmost a philosophy of protection of the environment. We do not use herbicides, fungicides, we are committed to biodiversity and sustainable development. We only fertilize the soil with organic matter and green manures.
  • Vineyard plots
    Six vineyard plots
  • Area
    12,5 ha
  • Years
    Between 40 and 95 years

Vino Tinto - Denominación de Origen Toro

  • Discolo

    Uva tinta de Toro
  • Our vineyard plots

    Bodega 4Mil Cepas
  • Our wines

    DO Toro
  • Quality

    Respect for nature

    We take full care of environmental conditions and respect the ecology, understanding the use of the soil as a central part of the system because it is a complex and living resource that must be protected and maintained to ensure its stability over the years.



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